Foster Application

Address (Street, City, State, and Zip Code)  
Do you rent or own your home? If you rent you must list your landlord's name and contact information.  
Phone Number and Email Address  
How many people live in your home? If there are any children under 18 please list their age.  
Which vet do you use? Please list name, address, and phone number.  
Do you own any pets? If so please be specific in species, if they are spayed/neutered, and up to date on all vaccines.  
Do you agree that Every Pet Needs a Home is not responsible for any damages caused by this pet?  
Do you understand you are NOT able to abandon/rehome/sell any animal under ANY circumstances? (Doing so would result in legal action)  
What type of animals are you able to foster? (Please be specific in species, breed, size, temperament etc...)   

We would like to start by thanking you for your willingness to help an animal in need. Since we are foster based we cannot save animals without a foster to place them. Since we are not species or breed specific we need fosters for every type of animal (dogs, cats, rodents, small pets, reptiles, amphibians, farm animals, etc...) so please be specific in terms of what you're able to foster. Our fosters are provided monthly with enough supplies and food for the animal they are fostering and we also take care of all vet bills. We will also set up an amazon wishlist for every pet in foster care where people can donate extras and treats for that pet and that ships directly to the foster home. Every Pet Needs a Home requires all applicable pets in the home be spayed/neutered as well as vaccinated before we will be able to place any animals in your care. We want to make sure no animals are reproducing and make sure that all animals are protected from any illnesses before placing a pet. When fostering a pet, that animal is property of Every Pet Needs a Home and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE are you permitted to rehome the pet, abandon the pet, breed any animal not yet fixed, or try to sell the animal.... doing so will result in legal action. By filling out the application you also agree that Every Pet Needs a Home is NOT liable for any injuries or damages caused by this pet. Although we are not liable we will make sure to act promptly and handle the situation accordingly. By fostering you understand that you are housing an animal until a forever home can be found. If for some reason the pet is not working out please let us know and we will work on finding another placement. Thank you again for your willingness to help and we look forward to working with you.