Small Pet/Rodent Application

Thank you for choosing adoption!

Rats, Mice, Hamster, Gerbils, and any other small rodents have a $15 adoption fee. 

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have a $35 adoption fee. 

Ferrets have a $75 adoption fee. 


A lot of small animals require multiples. We offer special adoption fees when multiples are adopted together.


Adoption Fees are firm and due in full before the pet can leave the rescue.

Once an application has been reviewed we will contact you with whether you have been approved or denied. 

Failure to fully complete the application will result in automatic denial. These animals are rescues and we want to make sure they are being placed in dedicated homes where they will be loved and well cared for. Our goal is to make sure the pet and the family are happy with the adoption and the process. We are not a first come, first served rescue. We will place the animal with the best fitting home. 


Once an application has been approved you have 72 hours to get your new family member. If the animals is unable to leave due to waiting to be vetted or nursing babies we do require a NON REFUNDABLE fee to be put down. This is HALF the adoption fee and will go towards the overall adoption price. 


IF THE PET IS NOT ADOPTED AND IS NOT A GOOD FIT FOR THE HOME YOU MUST RETURN THE PET! REHOMING ANY ANIMAL ADOPTED FROM US CAN RESULT IN LEGAL ACTION! We understand sometimes it just does not work out. However you MUST return the pet to Every Pet Needs a Home. 






Phone Number and Email Address  
Address (Street, City, State, and Zip)  
Do you rent or own your home? (If you rent include your landlord's name and contact information)  
Are you financially prepared to feed, house, and vet this animal?  
Are you prepared to care for this animal for it's whole life?  
Do you have any other animals? (If yes, list species and age)  
Are there children in the home?  
Are you familiar with the needs of the pet you are applying for?  
Please list your current vet's info. (Name, Address, and Contact Information)  
Please attach a picture of your current cage/set up you will be using for your new pet.