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Surrendering an animal is never easy. At Every Pet Needs a Home, we understand that certain situations call for the pet to need a new forever home and we are here to help. We are non judgemental and want to do the best we can to help your furry family member transition into the rescue with ease and find a new family.

We are a foster based rescue which means we do not have a shelter. The animals we take in are placed in someone's home. All of our fosters are screened. (You are welcome to look under our "Foster Application Tab" to see more about the process of picking our fosters.) We read through the surrender form to see which foster would be the best placement so please be as detailed and as accurate as possible for the animal's sake as well as the foster's sake. Once the animal is in our care we will start networking and screening potentional adopters. (You are welcome to look under our "Adoption Application Tab" to see more about the adoption process.) 

Depending on the species of animal will depend on the vetting administered to the pet. We do ask that you send us any vet records you have for the pet. You can do this by contacting your vet and requesting them to email us the vet records. The vet can send those to "". 

If the animal has any supplies (Collar, Extra Food/Treats, Leash, Food/Water Dish, Toy, Blanket, Cage, Etc...) we ask that you send that with the pet. This will not only help us supplies wise but this helps the animal during the transition period. A little piece of what they recognize in the middle of a brand new environment is always helpful. 

We also ask that you send a monetary donation to help with the expenses we will face with this pet. You can send this via PayPal to (This is not required but greatly appreciated).

Every Pet Needs a Home is state based so sometimes the foster that best fits the needs of the pet you are surrendering is quite a bit aways. We appreciate your help with getting the pet where it needs to go. Please don't expect the pet to be picked up. Only under certain cirumstances will we take the animal directly from the home! If the pet is picked up or must be picked up you MUST pay $0.30 per mile for the trip to pick up the animal, the trip to drop it off at the foster, and the transporter's trip back home. This must be paid in advance!

Last but not least please understand we will not pay for an animal or buy a pet to put in our rescue. Not only because we are going to be putting a lot of money into supplies and vetting but also because the law does not allow us to pay for an animal to put into the rescue.

*Please note that for privacy and safety reasons you will not be given information as to where the animal is fostered or who adopts the animals. We do encourage updates from our adopters so please visit us on social media.* 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.




Our goal is to help every animal that we possibly can. Unfortunately due to limited funding and limited fosters there may be a wait before we can take in the animal you are surrendering. Once the application is submitted we will contact you. When we contact you we will let you know if we have immediate placement or not. If we do not have immediate placement we will add you to a wait list. It is important that we are notified if the animal is rehomed before we find placement so we can help the next animal on our list! Thank you for understanding and thank you for your patience. If this is an urgent situation and you need immediate placing, please contact us after submitting your surrender form to let us know the situation. For certain situations we do require a surrender fee to help with expenses. Thank you for understanding and someone will be in contact within the next 24-48 hours.