Thank you for your willingness to help.

Every Pet Needs a Home is a statewide rescue so sometimes we need help getting an animal from one part of the state to the other. We are volunteer ran so we need people willing to help. Since we accept all species we need all types of transporters so please let us know what you can and cannot transport. We hope to work with you soon and thank you again for your willingness to help us. 


When transporting you MUST take the animal to the designated drop off.


You are NOT permitted under any circumstance to abandon, harm, or rehome an animal while in your care. (Doing so will result in legal action)


While transporting you must report to the designated board member as agreed upon between the board member and transporter. We have this policy to ensure safety for our transporter along their journey.


**Transporters are not compensated for transports. However since we are a tax exempt nonprofit, the mileage is considered a write off on your taxes. Upon completion of the transport application we will send a form for you with our EIN to file along with your taxes.**




Phone Number and Email  
Type of Animals You're Able to Transport  
How many animals can you transport at a time?  
How many miles are you willing to travel?  
Make/Model/Year of Your Car  
Driver's License Number  
License Plate Number  
Please attach a copy of your insurance card